Advances in prosthetics help U.S. soldiers

Hundreds of American soldiers have returned from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as amputees, with more than 100 having lost multiple limbs. Fortunately, dramatic improvements in prosthetics are restoring mobility and productivity to these injured heroes.......


Double amputee duped by conmen

POLICE are searching for two conmen who targeted a wheelchair-bound pensioner just weeks after he lost his second leg to diabetes.......


Appology to amputee firefighter

A firefighter had to have his lower left leg amputated after a hospital failed to treat him properly.
Simon Hawkins, from Bromsgrove, was the first firefighter in the UK to work with a false leg......


Amputee beaten with his prosthetic, then run over

An amputee was jumped early Saturday by a group of men who took his prosthetic leg and then beat him with it. The four assailants then drove over Richard Kelly, 43, while he was lying on the ground, police said......


Amputee Disqualified for Running Out of Lane

SHEFFIELD, England, July 15 — A double-amputee sprinter who has divided and perplexed track officials and fans made his debut Sunday in competition against the highest level of able-bodied

ISELLA opens pathway to cheaper & safer prosthetic devices

German researchers have successfully worked on a bionic robot arm after studying an elephant’s trunk as the basis of its design. The technology applied is hoped to be used within a couple of years in therapy, restoring the use of injured limbs while producing low cost, flexible prosthetic devices. Since ordinary robotic arms are way too expensive to build and dangerous to operate for the layman, this bionic robot arm dubbed ISELLA will be pocket friendly and gentle on humans. As mentioned, an elephant’s trunk was the inspiration for its design, and hence let’s delve into it further after the jump....

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